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What machines/equipment are available at MIRDC for coco-coir processing? PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 27 November 2008 23:32

For maximum utilization of coco coir, the MIRDC has developed various types of equipment to produce viable export quality coco coir products. These equipment are designed to meet the growing demand for geotextile net or coco-net to control soil erosion, save human lives and improve the livelihood of people.

Coco Husk Beater Machine. Use to crush coconut husk into small portions. It is made of B.I. sheet consisting of an impeller that is welded on a shaft and supported by pillow block bearing at end points.

Decorticating Machine. The coco husk fibers are separated from its dust, peat and hard cover through the continuous hammering and crushing of rotating set of longitudinal blunt-tipped blades.

Carding Machine. A fiber-cleaning machine that opens the decorticated coco coir flocks into individual fibers. The machine eliminates impurities, dust and reduces neps-short fibers. It is also used for blending fibers, fiber orientation and or alignment formation. The machine features rigid spring-loaded clamping rollers that secure the fibers throughout its width, gripping the fibers tightly without slippage during fiber separation.

Winnowing Machine. A screen that acts a cleaning mechanism to dust the decorticated fibers. The machine consists of metal bars as its frame and plastic screen.

Slivering Machine. Used for twisting the coir together in order to produce a rope-like strand. Two or more of these strands when intertwined forms a twine. It is a manually operated pedal-type machine which requires only one operator.

Twining Machine. This machine produces 4-6 mm diameter two-ply rope by intertwining the fibers, it is powered by a 2-hp motor that drives the pulleys and gear mechanism. It attains the optimum condition and performance by employing speed control vis-à-vis quantity and volume of fibers coming from the conveyor, i.e., twice as much its usual capacity and this improves the fiber strength.

Looming Machine. A stitching device that weaves mat, rugs and other products by crossing two sets of threads over and under each other. The maximum width of the coco coir mat that the machine can accommodate is up to 1500 mm.

Latex Rubber Mixer. A rotary tumbler for mixing rubber compounds to make it soft and ready for spray on the coir mat. The sprayed rubber, acts as a binder and serves as an anti-slippage material on the coco coir mat. The coco coir mats are used in geotextile products such as coir logs, coco peat, plant liner and others. The tumbler has motor-driven rotating drum with steel balls inside that act as pulverizers for the rubber compound.

Coco Mat Roller Press. A mechanized roller press used to flatten coco coir mats into a desired uniform thickness. This machine replaces the current practice of hammering the coco coir mat by mallet. The mat roller press remarkably increased production of geotextile products by 100 percent.

Baling Machine. A lelver-type machine, handled by a single operator, that can produce 6 bales per hour with 28 kg per baling depending on the force applied. It is low cost, lightweight, easy to operate, mobile and can be operated on site. It has a horizontal stabiler to keep the machine from tilting during operation.

For more information, you may write or call the Metals Industry Research and Development Center, Gen. Santos Avenue, Bicutan, Taguig, Metro Manila at Tel. No.: 837-0431 to 38 or Fax No.: 838-7878.


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